Vanessa Hudgens and Greg Hudgens celebrates Father's Day with the Launch of Techno Source's Rubik's Revolution at Toys ''R'' Us Times Square (Photo by Gary Gershoff/WireImage for Ruth C. Schwartz and Co., Inc.)

The Show Must Go On: Vanessa Hudgens pays tribute to her father with her performance as Rizzo in “Grease: Live Performance”

The much anticipated “Grease: Live Performance” aired Sunday, January 31st, on FOX. The three hour, live television special was well received by fans and stars alike. Congratulatory posts were made all over twitter and social media.

However, there were also posts expressing condolences to Vanessa Hudgens after she announced in that her father had passed from stage four cancer just earlier that morning.

Hudgens proved her strength and talent that evening as she carried on with the show, and gave a chilling performance of “There Are Worse Things”. Needless to say, her dad would be very proud of her.

Vanessa and Greg Hudgens

At the end of the credits it read, “In loving memory of Greg Hudgens, June 22, 1950 – January 20, 2016.” Of course, this was at the very end of the show when Vanessa pretty much won it all. Not only did she perfectly embody Rizzo, but she nailed both her solos. Grease Live was a display of true theatre and an amazing cast and crew. 

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