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The Kimoji is Here!

Like marmite, you either love or hate Kim Kardashian. There are some people who disagree with the way she initially got famous but you cannot deny her business mind, eagerness and inventive ways of making money. 


If it’s not perfume, it’s hair products, beauty products and even her book of selfies selling out off the shelves. She is a phenomenon and people are obsessed with everything she creates, her products she sells and even just her face and body on Instagram.


She ventured into the virtual world creating her own video game. Then she and her other sisters created their own apps.


Now she has gone one step further and created an array of her own emojis! They feature famous moments of her life along side other emojis you can use all the time. Of course, her famous bottom is included, her famous crying face, her incredible engagement ring and even her body!


It already went straight to number 1 on its first day on the app store and we are not surprised. Here are some of them below:

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Even her husband was supportive of the idea: What are your thoughts and will you be purchasing the app? Let us know!

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