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We Are Not Ready For Beyonce’s Belly!


That’s right, not one, but two mini beyonce babies and the world cannot wait!

The first time Beyonce was pregnant with Blue, she announced it on stage revealing her baby bump. This time she decided to surpass everyone on Instagram with a stunning reveal photo which is now the most liked photo on Instagram ever beating both Selena Gomez and Kendall Jenner! Some have been saying that she never did a photoshoot with Blue because maybe she used a surrogate, but maybe she just fancied doing one now for the sake of it. She is queen bey, she can do whatever she likes!


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Well what can we say, Beyonce never fails to impress and of course her pregnancy photo shoot is the best thing EVER. News quickly spread and the internet literally went crazy! I think people might of even left work for a celebratory drink at the news. Also let’s take a minute to appreciate the other 50% of DNA that has helped this miracle, JAY Z WE LOVE YOU.


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Basically, everyone’s day just completely stopped as nothing is as important as this. Is she aiming to create a new Destiny’s Child?! What will they be called?! When will she give birth?! WILL SHE GIVE BIRTH ON STAGE?! NO ONE KNOWS!

What do you think she will name the twins? Did you tweet about the pregnancy? Let us know in the comments below!


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Super Bowl 2016: This is Beyonce’s World, and We Are Just Living In It


Super Bowl Sunday was viewed by over one hundred million people this year. Viewers come for the game, the commercial, the snacks, or the halftime show. This year the Pepsi Halftime Show brought to the stage Coldplay, Bruno Mars, and Beyonce. Coldplay started the show with the infamous “Viva La Vida” and a technicolor spectacular that extended to the edges of the stadium. Bruno Mars then jumped in with his crew, giving us a close up look at some of the moves from “Uptown Funk”. Lastly, Beyonce appears like a flash of lightning with a whole formation of dancers, and a marching band. Some reviews claim that Coldplay was underwhelming, and that Beyonce stole the show. Beyonce does have a way of commanding attention, but she is also a master of social media strategy.

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On Instagram she begins her story by showing images from her secretly released music video, “Formations”. Just one day before the highly anticipated, Super Bowl Sunday.

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She shared behind-the-scene type videos that featured her crew, and the preparation that led up to the big moment. One interview in the video quotes, “You dont get a chance to half ass it. You have to go full out everytime, and you know why? Because she’s going full out. When you think you can’t push yourself anymore, you can. Theres still more to go”. Her determination serves as motivation for her fans, and everyone she works with.

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Not only was Beyonce using the Super Bowl as a platform to promote her own projects, she was publicly taking a stand with the Black Lives Matter Movement by having dancers and musicians behind her that emulated the Black Panther Party of Self Defense that played a role during the Civil Rights Movement. This resulted in a fairly politically charged performance, that was seen by millions.

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She performed to her fullest ability, like always, with the best of the best behind her. She even caught herself when she almost stumbled, and seamlessly joined back in with the dancers.

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Queen Beyonce announced during the Super Bowl, “The Formation World Tour”.


Tour dates and locations have been set, and released.

#formations and #blacklivesmatter were both trending hashtags after the SuperBowl.

Beyonce wins, yet again.