Social Media New Years Resolutions

There are many Social Media tips floating about online to help you improve your Social Media presence in the New Year, our favourite article thus far comes from The Social Times who posted 6 very simple ways to help you improve your Social Media presence in 2014.


1. The Social Media landscape is constantly changing so don’t stop at Facebook and Twitter, research new social media platforms and ones that will benefit the industry you are in. Tip – Look out for Apps that are providing a strong platform if you are aiming at the younger demographic.

2. Become more visual. There is no disguising that your readers probably react to photos, videos, and infographics more than your regular content and this is only going to continue to rise in popularity, so why not get on board.

3.Engage and Interact. After all, social media is all about engaging with – and listening to – your audience, which includes experts and brands.

4.Create great and UNIQUE content. Whether through blogs, tweets, posts, contests, and newsletters, great content will always be in style.

5.Create as social community both on and offline.

6.Prioritize with your social media content. Continuing on from point 1, ensure that you are engaging constantly with your community on the social media platform where you see a ROI

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That’s all from us for 2013, we hope you have Happy and Successful 2014!

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