How Rio 2016 exploded on social media during Olympic Games opening.

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL - FEBRUARY 08: A Rio Olympics 2016 car is seen before the first day of parades of the panel's Carnival in Rio de Janeiro on Marques de Sapucai Sambadromo on February 08, 2016 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. (Photo by William Volcov/Brazil Photo Press/LatinContent/Getty Images)

Olympic Games 2016 were launched two days ago in Rio, Brazil.

For those who didn’t attend the opening ceremony, the Facebook Live platform, in partnership with Tagboard, allowed users to watch live video from the show.

The athletes themselves reached out to their fans posting content from inside the Maracanã.

On Facebook, 52 million users generate 109 million interactions, when Instagram saw 21 million members record 51 million posts, likes and comments.

Athletes made this social media engagement stronger. They are younger, social-media savvy athletes who are embracing new ways of interacting with fans.

Rio2016 is the first Olympic Games edition taking place in South America: Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, United States and Peru are the five countries with the greatest level of interaction on Facebook.

The Brazilian model Gisele Bundchen posted on her Instagram account, and reached over 510,000 likes.

Rafael Nadal’s post on Facebook saw his engagment and his proudness to represent Spain at Rio2016.