Facebook Puts Its Web Feed In Motion With Auto-Playing Videos

If your Facebook News Feed wasn’t lively enough its about to get a whole lot busier. Facebook have recently rolled out their auto-play feature for videos to all mobile users. Until now, the News Feed has been still, meaning everything stays put as you scroll past. With this latest breakthrough once the rollout is complete, Facebook will have the opportunity to cash in by introducing more flashy video ads. The auto-play could also give Facebook-owned Instagram’s video feature a boost with people more likely to share videos if they get seen, and the suggested technology of auto-play basically guarantees that.


The benefit of auto-play will mean the viewing of individual videos will be improved, users will have the opportunity to discover and watch multiple videos and Facebook are likely to revamp it’s mobile video capture and sharing tools. For businesses this allow them to be more forceful with advertising, but how will this fair with the end user if their News Feeds are populated by auto-play adverts? Watch this space.

So whats next GIFs? Ads? The Facebook Channel?

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