Create a Social Media Strategy for 2014 Success

Did you put together a Social Media Strategy in 2013?  Are you aware how Social Media can help drive traffic and revenue to your business now? Now I’ve got your attention, it’s time to start putting together a solid strategy for 2014.

Social Media keyboard

The problem for many business owners, marketers and entrepreneurs has been integrating a Social Media Strategy into their business plan and objectives for the year ahead, Rebekah Radice at Biz Blogging Buzz  has put together a few steps to help you create a  standalone social media business plan without conflicting with your business as a whole.


The highlights from her list

1. Prepare a list of content you have already created. How can you rework or re-purpose that content for social media? You will build that into a content calendar.

2. Determine how your online activities will support your offline marketing strategy. Social media is just another pillar within your overall marketing strategy. Understand how you will combine the two to maximize exposure and reach.

3. Know how you will handle leads generated via social media. If you haven’t already defined your marketing funnel and the process used to track, manage and communicate with your leads, now is the time.

4. Get involved! Make sure your plan contains time that you will interact and engage with fans and followers on a daily basis.

Check out the full list  here:

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