“Pokemon Go” made the revolution of the virtual in the real world

This is how people lost their minds in just a few days. The Social media world has experienced earthquakes.

Why? Because of the launching of Pokemon Go.


Pokemon came into the real world.

Currently, Pokemon Go is the mobile app the most downloaded in the world. Even Snapchat is abandoned by its aficionados.


We can understand this craziness: reality and fiction meet.

Big communities dedicated to Pokemon Go are created on the Twittersphere.

We can understand this craziness: reality and fiction meet.

With your smartphone, you can catch Pokemon in the street. Basically, from now you can play anywhere, using your smartphone, with your favorite Pokemon. Yes, exactly, those characters from Japan who had disappeared from radars a bit. The point is that everyone can look for some Pokemon around him in order to catch them. Your phone immerses you into the Pokemon universe.

It seems that this reality is sought in a world, usually, totally focused on virtual.

pokemon go&

Pokemon Go just arrived on the app market and already millions of users downloaded it. While the app was originally launched on July 6 only in three countries (the United States, Australia and New Zealand), lots of people from other places managed to download it.

People are talking a lot about this event, on every social media: facebook, twitter, even Instagram..

Pokemon Go is a free-to-download mobile game, available on iOs and android devices.

Cannes Lions 2016 Insights

Cannes Lions 2016

The Cannes Lions Festival brings together thousands of creative minds in communications. Currently in the middle of the week, there is a push for even more personalized and innovative ways for brands to reach their audience. The marketing, advertising, and communications world is now looking to immerse people into their messages.

Stop interrupting and start entertaining, “most people would not care if 74% of brands were gone tomorrow,” said James Herring of Taylor Herring, a creative PR agency. People are constantly putting up ad-blocks to stop the constant bombardment of advertisements wherever they go on the Internet. This is giving creative minds like Herring a challenge. How does one create interest? The answer may lie with the entertainment industry.

Those with VR Samsung look to what the VR stands for, virtual reality. Referencing the advancement of Facebook in live video, the industry has to go beyond storytelling and key in on the audience’s sense. The audience should feel what it’s like to take the sip of water in your advertisement, what it tastes like, feels like, what it means to the person drinking it.

Culture and the importance of creating connections between cultures is a reoccurring theme throughout the talks. A campaign should “show a true understanding of their language and culture,” as stated at the Sapientnitro talk. People feel a sense of pride when it appears the advertisement was made with specifically their culture in mind. The world is constantly making connections between these individual cultures, “the world is getting smaller as our connections are getting bigger,” said Brian Chesky, co-founder and CEO of Airbnb.

With 15,000 delegates representing 94 countries, the thoughts and ideas shared this week are bound to create cross-cultural ties. Can’t wait to see what these final days have in store!

Written Word No More?

Social media seems to know what we want before we do. In a society where instant gratification is so sought after, is Facebook hoping to feed even more into this obsession? It’s recent live stream feature sure makes it seem so.

Facebook video

Facebook executives see the future of their platform moving in a direction that could make written Facebook content obsolete. Nicola Mendelsohn, Facebook’s VP in Europe, Africa, and the Middle East, made the bold statement this past Tuesday at Fortune’s Most Powerful Women International Summit in London. When asked where she saw Facebook in the next half decade, she said, “If I was having to bet, it’d be video, video, video.”

Daily video views have increased from 1 billion to 8 billion in just one year, while users’ interaction with text has steadily decreased over the past few years. Mendelsohn said the live video has taken off more quickly than anticipated, the live videos are receiving ten times the comments of prerecorded videos. This is much to the excitement of CEO Mark Zuckerberg who is reportedly obsessed with the new feature.

Friends and followers alike will be happy to know that instead of reading through constant posts and tweets, the next five years will feed our love of social media story telling.

The New Business Side of Instagram

Instagram has become an important channel for businesses to promote their products, especially for companies that need strong visuals to help attract potential customers. Over time, Instagram has listened to the suggestions of its users to make modifications for them to more efficiently interact with their followers.

The CEO and co-Founder of Jackson and Hyde, Genevieve Monroe, said “Instagram has been critical for brand exposure, dialogue with new and potential customers and being discovered by partners and retailers.” Instagram has done research and ultimately found that businesses wanted three things- exclusivity, insights, and the ability to find new customers. Keeping that in mind, Instagram just unveiled their new Instagram Business Tools.

Business Profile

This is a FREE feature that can be created through a regular account. The business profile allows for a more organized form of contact between the business and potential customers. Followers will be able to select a contact button, with the ability to call, text, or email the business, as well as receive directions. The business will have the power of selecting through which form of contact they would prefer their customers to use.

Instagram business tools


This option allows the business to view what posts are well received by their followers and which aren’t. Businesses will be able to learn more about their followers, their followers’ demographics, and even what regions contain more of their audience over others. This will allow a business to better tailor their promotions to what their audience prefers.

Instagram Business Tools


Once a business has used its insights to figure out what posts are popular, they can turn the post into a promotion. Simply select the target audience and the length of time you want the promotion to last.

Instagram Business Tools

This could definitely open doors for small businesses seeking to promote their products in an easy and simple way! Keep up the great job Instagram.


Facebook Moments launches in the EU

Facebook has launched its facial-recognition photos app in Europe and Canada – without facial recognition.
The program – Moments – was released in some countries in 2015, but withheld elsewhere because of local data privacy rules.

Now Facebook has created a new version of the app that just links together photos of people who look similar. It still requires the person using Moments to say who each person is, and those labels will be kept private to each user.

Moments works like Google Photos, which has already launched around the world but without its facial recognition features in many places. Both are intended as a way of grouping up photos and then sharing them with the people involved – a process that is largely helped by recognising the people in photos. And like Google Photos, it is intended to let people share in private – taking on messaging apps like WhatsApp more than it is public Facebook posts.


Obama to Dine with Royal Family in London

President Barack Obama will be having lunch with Queen Elizabeth II for her 90th birthday at Windsor Castle this Friday. It will be his final time in London as President of the United States of America.

Later that afternoon, he will have a bilateral meeting with British Prime Minister, David Cameron where the two will then participate in a press conference.

For dinner, it is confirmed via Twitter that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, William and Kate, and Price Harry will host President and Mrs. Obama for dinner at Kensington Palace.





On Saturday, Obama will be participating in a town hall discussion with British youth at the Royal Horticultural Halls.



It is not Obama’s first time meeting with the Queen. Barack and first lady, Michelle, traveled to the United Kingdom together in 2011. A year later, Michelle visited again for the opening of the 2012 Olympics.

For this special visit, drones will be banned across London. Along with drones, balloons, kites, parachutes and all aircraft that fly below 2,5000 feet have been banned from flying above London and Windsor during the president’s visit.

So don’t use your drones this Friday! Who knew that your ‘toy’ would be such a problem for the president’s visit?


#Hashtags to Match: Fashionable Marketing

Instagram is a platform for businesses and consumers of all types of industries, and using the right hashtags to promote your posts is critical to finding the highest quality of Instagram followers.

Due to the popularity or Instagram as an app in the fashion world, enthusiast of all levels come together to share ideas and find inspiration. Hashtags are the best way to narrow your post search and have more eyes on your posts.

Online style is as important as fashion style, so as an example, lets look at the fashion industry…

Weather you are an experienced fashion blogger, a novice Instagram user, or a business looking to reach out to new clientele, finding the right hashtags to go with your posts is crucial!

You don’t need to be an insta-famous fashion bloggers to spruce up your page with these hashtags.The following is a collection of some of the hottest fashion hashtags on Instagram.



If you dressed yourself, be proud of it! Others can be inspired by your creative outfit design and individuality.





A real outfit is one that you feel comfortable in, something that wasn’t hand crafted or meant to be photographed. Use this hashtag to show of your go-to outfit, or signature look.






The concept is quite simple. You can also opt to use the shorter versions such as #wiw or #wiwt (What I wore today).





This is a fun thing to tag if you have a fantastic outfit and a photo opportunity, but let’s be honest, most of these pics will be latergrams.






Come on, we all have them. Screen shots are kept in our photo album of looks we want to try or pieces we just have to have. Hashtag #outfitgoals to contribute to the amazing amount of insta-inspiration.






Instagram is crazy about coffee. Strategically place your fashion accessories next to your artistic latte, and watch the caffeine addicts swarm to your page!





If you find yourself posting fashion pics frequently, it could be very beneficial to use this tag. This is also a fun way to follow your fashion journey!





Where better to show your style than before you’re about to hit the streets! This tag is great for attracting those who are looking for everyday outfit inspiration.



Try these hashtags, or share with us your own that caters to your industry!


3 “Power Hour” Methods to Improve Productivity

3 “Power Hour” Methods to Improve Productivity


Everyone has their own struggle with procrastination, especially when it comes to professional and personal care. Bad habits tend to lead to poor productivity, and poor productivity can negatively affects multiple aspect of one’s life. In addition to gaining more wealth, and results, productivity can boost mood and overall feelings of accomplishment and satisfaction.

It can be all too easy to complete a day without doing the things you meant to do at the beginning of the day, whether your time is put into checking your phone, watching television, or daydreaming. Watch as meetings and projects are finished faster, and time is spent where you want. Making a conscious effort to improve productivity is the first step in the right direction. The power hour method is a popular time design method, and simple way to start. However there are also many takes on what the “power hour” consists of…

Here are three power hour methods that you can try for yourself:

  1. The No-distractions Power Hour

It does not matter when this hour takes place, but usually, the best results happen when this is done before noon. Just think about this for a minute. If you invested one hour in your day tackling that project you have been avoided before you take your lunch break, how great would that feel? From my own experience, I have to admit it feels pretty awesome.

To put it to you straight, this is the one hour that you buckle yourself into your chair and do what needs to get done. The most important part is to not let distractions, unrelated calls, negative self-talk, unnecessary breaks, refilling coffee, checking the internet, unproductive time on social media, grabbing supplies from the cabinet in the other room, or anything not directly related to the task divert your attention.

  1. The Self Care & Well Being Power Hour

This can be turned into an evening power hour, but this morning power hour will help you sustain yourself for the day. Not only will this method help you get out of bed, it will give you time to take care of yourself and start a self-care routine.


If you have issues with snoozing your alarm, running late to work, or feeling rushed out the door, this can be the method for you. The trick to this method is giving yourself something to look forward in the morning, and giving yourself the time to enjoy yourself.

To try this method, start by choosing three activities that benefit your mind, body or soul. These can include, but are not limited to; reading, walking, listening to a podcast, writing, coloring, or stretching. Do each activity for exactly 20 mins each in order to fill your power hour. Giving yourself an extra hour in the morning helps you feel more productive, my stress levels decrease, and my outlook is more positive as you start your day. Some of the benefits of this method is, the ability to stay present, more energy, and better skills.

  1. The “Tackle-it” or “Get it over with” Power Hour

This Power Hour Method is especially good if you are someone who avoids particular important tasks. For example when I worked in sales, I dreaded making cold calls. I dedicated from 10:30am to 11:30am to making just cold calls with no distractions. Then for the rest of the day I was stress free, knowing that the worst was behind me.

The rules of this Power Hour are:

  1. Once you’ve committed to a Power Hour, you can’t change the time or reschedule it
  2. Only have one Power Hour each day. Don’t over do it.

And that’s it!

Choose one of the three Power Hour Methods to Increase Productivity, and share your results!


How to have the best LinkedIn Profile & Presentation


LinkedIn is a career-focused social media forms that is used by professionals and employers all over the world. The content of the site is much more business-oriented and professional than most other social media websites, so it important to navigate the site with ease and confidence.  There are more than 400 million Linkedin users, and the site reaches 200 countries and territories. 89% of recruiters have hired through Linkedin, 47% of business to business companies use Linkedin. It only takes seven seconds to make a first impression, so it is important that your profile shows you at your best.


Here are some things to keep in mind when getting started:


Consistency: Make sure you’re name is the same across all professional social media and on any business cards or application.


Use Professional Photos: Use an appropriate, up-to-date, and non-revealing photo. Professional photos are best, but if you have to take your own, make sure to have good lighting and show your whole face. A professional photo will make you profile more likely to be found.


Create a custom url: Customizing your url makes it easier to share with connections, or have connections find you.


Keep it simple: Don’t over use fancy words when writing your profile, and avoid using buzzwords such as motivated, creative, or responsible.


Use relevant keywords: Keywords help employers find the right employees through searching.


Double Check: Make sure to use spell check, or have someone proof-read for you. Another thing to check would be any links that you include on your profile.


Make sure your profile is complete: Linkedin has a handy tool that tells you your strength level and how complete your profile is. Fill the level to the top to have the best chances of having a fantastic Linkedin profile.


Respond to messages in a timely manner: Respond to all messages and notifications with in 1-2 business days.


Keep it professional: Linkedin is different than other social media platforms because it is a platform for professionals. Always use appropriate language and share appropriate links when on the site.