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Is Social Media To Blame For Kardashian Robbery?

Social media, a technology that has changed the world is so many ways. Bringing people closer together, allowing people to access technology in a new way and a network that has ultimately changed how the way business works.

Visual networks such as Instagram and Snapchat allow us an insight into people’s personal lives, we are giving people permission to enter our exclusive lives and give people an opportunity to show others the way we live.

This is especially true of celebrities and socialites. Of course, The Kardashians are a huge part of this having some of the largest followings on both snapchat (Kylie Jenner currently ranks #1) and Instagram (Kim and Kendall leading the game).

So with this in mind, we turn to Kim Kardashian, who was robbed in her hotel room during Paris Fashion Week with £8 million worth of jewellery being taken from her, after being tied up and held at gun point.

Earlier in the day, kim had been showing off her expensive jewels on Snapchat and Instagram, with close ups of the diamonds sparking and being the centre of attention.


This instantly shows that Kim is in possession of very expensive jewellery, also showing her possible locations and ativities at all times giving anyone an opportunity to strike. Many people are blaming Kim and other celebrities excessive use of social for the Robbery and other incidents.

However, what people seem to not understand is that Kim wasn’t ‘asking for it’, sharing a picture on social can be perceived in any way by any one, just because you post a picture of something you own certainly DOES NOT mean you are asking for someone to come and take it away, or for someone to point a gun at your head and threaten you and your family.However, being discreet about your possessions should maybe be considered in the future is what people are trying to say. We must remember she is a mother, a sister and a daughter as well as a human being.

I believe that social is not to blame for the Robbery, society is. Perhaps the Robbery was an inside job with new information that only people on the inside would have been able to direct the Robbers in Kim’s Direction and news that head security guard Pascal’s company is filing for Bankruptcy. However, if evil people didn’t exist, these hate crimes would not happen in the first place and social would be a place where you could do anything.

People on Twitter had A LOT to say about the incident, with other celebrities and people coming to Kim’s defence as well as Kanye cancelling a show mid way amongst other shows on his tour to show support for his wife. On the other hand, there are claims the stunt was all fake, didn’t even happen and people blame Kim for wearing jewellery in the first place and flaunting it.





So, was the robbery fake? Was security to blame? Was Kim to blame? Was social to blame?

I would like to think that someone wouldn’t lie about something so serious, especially when guns are involved. If this was your friend or family member how would you feel? Every one is entitled to their own opinion but I do not feel that social or Kim is to blame. Of course, social is a place to show off and let people know what you are doing, but this doesn’t give anyone a reason to attack.

Kim did not step out in public for a few days, but has recently been seen with her daughter and Kanye. The successful series Keeping Up With The Kardashians has apparently been put on hold due to the Paris incident.

What are your thoughts on the situation? Let us know in the comments below!