Cannes Lions 2016 Insights

Cannes Lions 2016

The Cannes Lions Festival brings together thousands of creative minds in communications. Currently in the middle of the week, there is a push for even more personalized and innovative ways for brands to reach their audience. The marketing, advertising, and communications world is now looking to immerse people into their messages.

Stop interrupting and start entertaining, “most people would not care if 74% of brands were gone tomorrow,” said James Herring of Taylor Herring, a creative PR agency. People are constantly putting up ad-blocks to stop the constant bombardment of advertisements wherever they go on the Internet. This is giving creative minds like Herring a challenge. How does one create interest? The answer may lie with the entertainment industry.

Those with VR Samsung look to what the VR stands for, virtual reality. Referencing the advancement of Facebook in live video, the industry has to go beyond storytelling and key in on the audience’s sense. The audience should feel what it’s like to take the sip of water in your advertisement, what it tastes like, feels like, what it means to the person drinking it.

Culture and the importance of creating connections between cultures is a reoccurring theme throughout the talks. A campaign should “show a true understanding of their language and culture,” as stated at the Sapientnitro talk. People feel a sense of pride when it appears the advertisement was made with specifically their culture in mind. The world is constantly making connections between these individual cultures, “the world is getting smaller as our connections are getting bigger,” said Brian Chesky, co-founder and CEO of Airbnb.

With 15,000 delegates representing 94 countries, the thoughts and ideas shared this week are bound to create cross-cultural ties. Can’t wait to see what these final days have in store!

Written Word No More?

Social media seems to know what we want before we do. In a society where instant gratification is so sought after, is Facebook hoping to feed even more into this obsession? It’s recent live stream feature sure makes it seem so.

Facebook video

Facebook executives see the future of their platform moving in a direction that could make written Facebook content obsolete. Nicola Mendelsohn, Facebook’s VP in Europe, Africa, and the Middle East, made the bold statement this past Tuesday at Fortune’s Most Powerful Women International Summit in London. When asked where she saw Facebook in the next half decade, she said, “If I was having to bet, it’d be video, video, video.”

Daily video views have increased from 1 billion to 8 billion in just one year, while users’ interaction with text has steadily decreased over the past few years. Mendelsohn said the live video has taken off more quickly than anticipated, the live videos are receiving ten times the comments of prerecorded videos. This is much to the excitement of CEO Mark Zuckerberg who is reportedly obsessed with the new feature.

Friends and followers alike will be happy to know that instead of reading through constant posts and tweets, the next five years will feed our love of social media story telling.

The New Business Side of Instagram

Instagram has become an important channel for businesses to promote their products, especially for companies that need strong visuals to help attract potential customers. Over time, Instagram has listened to the suggestions of its users to make modifications for them to more efficiently interact with their followers.

The CEO and co-Founder of Jackson and Hyde, Genevieve Monroe, said “Instagram has been critical for brand exposure, dialogue with new and potential customers and being discovered by partners and retailers.” Instagram has done research and ultimately found that businesses wanted three things- exclusivity, insights, and the ability to find new customers. Keeping that in mind, Instagram just unveiled their new Instagram Business Tools.

Business Profile

This is a FREE feature that can be created through a regular account. The business profile allows for a more organized form of contact between the business and potential customers. Followers will be able to select a contact button, with the ability to call, text, or email the business, as well as receive directions. The business will have the power of selecting through which form of contact they would prefer their customers to use.

Instagram business tools


This option allows the business to view what posts are well received by their followers and which aren’t. Businesses will be able to learn more about their followers, their followers’ demographics, and even what regions contain more of their audience over others. This will allow a business to better tailor their promotions to what their audience prefers.

Instagram Business Tools


Once a business has used its insights to figure out what posts are popular, they can turn the post into a promotion. Simply select the target audience and the length of time you want the promotion to last.

Instagram Business Tools

This could definitely open doors for small businesses seeking to promote their products in an easy and simple way! Keep up the great job Instagram.