Bill is reading this post. Bill is smart. Be like Bill.

If you’ve logged in to Facebook recently, chances are you’ll have seen your friends sharing images of a stick man called Bill (or José or Colin or… ). This brand new meme is basically a way for people to highlight everyday things that annoy them.

On December 21st 2015, an Italian Facebook page was created called Sii come Bill (Be like Bill). The page, devoted to posted Italian version of the Be Like Bill meme, has received more than 226k likes in less than three weeks. A Spanish-language page, called Sé como José, was launched on January 2nd, and in less than four days has received more than 405k followers. Sé como José has received the most attention in the Spanish-speaking press, who have deemed it one of the first “virales” (memes) of 2016. In an interview with BuzzFeed, the anonymous administrator of the Spanish-speaking page said he decided to translate the Bill meme from Italian after seeing its popularity there.

The “Be Like Bill” meme has become so popular that it’s even has a rival page, “Don’t be like Bill”.

Love him or hate him, though, it looks as though Bill and his bobble hat are here to stay. At least until the next meme comes along.