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It’s Europe’s vision but is it Britain’s?

Almost one week ago, we all gathered at our friend’s houses, dressed in gowns and beards, drank wine and celebrated an old tradition, Eurovision. Some acts were original:Screen Shot 2015-05-28 at 13.06.23 and some were sending a very strong message… Screen Shot 2015-05-28 at 13.10.47

Some didn’t belong there, geographically:

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But all in all, we can say one thing for certain, Britain still sucked.

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Lack of movements on stage, a seemingly American song and some of the worst costumes or space suits we’ve ever seen, all bunched together to make us ask a very important question, are they doing this on purpose?

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Is it time for Britain to retire the frilly dresses and bland lyrics? Are we ready to move out of our parent’s house yet? With the referendum coming up soon (yes, two years), are we ready to let go of “hello Europe” drinking games, and mid song costume changes?

We don’t think so, seeing as the UK was the country who tweeted about Eurovision the most.

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By most, we really mean most.

So are we just talking about how cringe worthy we are, or are we thriving off something bigger here, big enough to make us stay?

Screen Shot 2015-05-28 at 13.24.44 Screen Shot 2015-05-28 at 13.25.20 Screen Shot 2015-05-28 at 13.25.30 Screen Shot 2015-05-28 at 13.25.47 Screen Shot 2015-05-28 at 13.26.21

Nope. We just love to comment on everything. Bring on next year, it may be our last!


Social Media Icons

How to get 1 million followers in under 5 hours

Six years into his presidency, Barack Obama is finally on Twitter as @POTUS.


POTUS first tweet

According to Guinness World Records, Obama who signed up for his own Twitter account on the 18th of May, racked up 1 million followers in under 5 hours.
As you might already know, this isn’t the first time Obama has used Twitter. When he’s tweeted in the past, the president did so under The White House’s handle (@WhiteHouse). But The White House account, as well as the @BarackObama account, are managed by staffers. Tweets from @POTUS, meanwhile, will come exclusively from the president, the White House promised. Truth or lie? We’ll never know.

The White House said in a blog post that the new account “will serve as a new way for President Obama to engage directly with the American people, with tweets coming exclusively from him. President Obama is committed to making his Administration the most open and participatory in history, and will give Americans a new venue to engage on the issues that matter most to them.”

Talking about “issues that matters” Bill Clinton wondered if the new username stays with the office of President:

Bill Clinton welcomes POTUS


POTUS replies to Clinton

Hopefully, the President is successful in continuing to engage Twitter users. After all, social media is how information spreads, these days.

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Facebook: Instant Articles

It’s true; Mark wants to take over the world, or at least our phones. We are welcoming the new Instant Articles, whereby we don’t need to leave our app in order to read about current events, celebrity gossip and/or general interest pieces. Companies such as: Buzzfeed, NBC, National Geographic, The Guardian and BBC News have been granted the ability to post their articles straight to Facebook without leaving the app. Currently, it’s only available on Iphones, however if it works well and gains traction, we should be seeing it on all other mobiles soon.

So what do we think? Is this another unsuccessful ploy to keep us on the ever-changing social media website? Or is this a brilliant and convenient update for the good of the public?


Screen Shot 2015-05-13 at 13.07.03

For us, it would mean instant articles, so quick you won’t even have time to blink. It would also mean we wouldn’t have to switch applications in order to read breaking news and sending articles would be easier.

Taken from: The Next Web

Taken from: The Next Web

For publishers, free publicity and an easier outreach plan? We think that’s a win win. (Yes, free, Facebook isn’t charging these companies a single penny).

Taken from: The Next Web

Taken from: The Next Web

For Facebook, they get to keep users on their application, which in the long run is all that matters. The more time spent on an application, the more successful that application is.

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But Hold On!

What about taking a step back and considering the possibility that the news published on Facebook means they hold the power of what content is shown, and what content gets seen. Essentially, we’re putting our trust in Facebook to feed us articles and information that we’re interested in, unbiasedly.

There’s really only one way to find out if it suits us or not, that’s to try it out. The more people don’t like it, the less of a chance Facebook will keep something its public doesn’t use.



The 2015 UK General Election (Twitter edition)


Debate will continue about whether this was a “social media election”, but the truth is thousands and thousands of people chosen Twitter for expressing their views.

According to Topsy there have been more than 8m of election related tweets in the last month, and more than 2.3m tweets alone using the hashtag #GE2015.
Unfortunately people used multiple hashtags for the same thing, so we also have 392k results for #GE15, 93k for #GeneralElection, 2.1k for #2015Elections and 19k results for #GE0215 (damn you, auto correct!)

Now, let’s have a look at the most used election hashtags.

1) SNP – Tweets: 760k (#SNP and #VoteSNP)
2) UKIP – Tweets: 540k (#UKIP and #VoteUKIP)
3) Labour – Tweets: 565k (#Labour and #VoteLabour)
4) Conservative – Tweets: 142k (#Conservatives and #Tories)
5) Green Party – Tweets: 24k
6) Lib-Dem – Tweets: 14k
7) Plaid Cymru – Tweets: 8.3k

1) David Cameron – Tweets: 87k
2) Ed Miliband – Tweets: 55k
3) Nigel Farage – Tweets: 41k
4) Nicola Sturgeon – Tweets: 27k
5) Nick Clegg – Tweets: 20k
6) Natalie Bennett – Tweets: 5k
7) Leanne Wood – Tweets: 1.5k

Election Day:
1) #IVoted – 128k Tweets
2) #ElectionDay – 81k Tweets
3) #VotingMatters – 33k Tweets

But what will happen in 5 years time?


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The Less Cliché Uses Of Pinterest

Pinterest is one of the most genius social media websites out there today. By pinning images you’re creating an entire database for your own/ companies use. People who learn by visuals are having a field day with image-based recipes, how-tos for the garden, and preserving lemons. Yes, we’ve all seen the stunning pictures of Emma’s guilt-free chocolate cake made in six easy steps, but what about Pinterest’s non-conventional uses?

Screen Shot 2015-04-30 at 13.01.21

  • Photojournalists

Seeing the world through a courageous human can be just what you need to expand your worldview. We’re lucky so many are utilizing on this use as most of the worlds powerful images stem from photojournalists travelling the world and reporting the news you aren’t seeing. Following their journey is both enriching and humbling.

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  • Charities

Pinterest has given charities another way to connect with their audience. By fundraising through powerful images, we can now see who we’re helping and why. Pinterest also fills you with ideas on how to fundraise for your own cause. Visually helping you to help others.

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  • Animals

We’re all guilty of posting pictures of our pets on our own social media, but what the neglected and unwanted pets? What happened to them? Pinterest allows companies and individuals to show animals in need, but also to learn more about what these poor pets have been through. Transformation pins grant the audience access to how their help can change an animals life.

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  • Health

One of the hardest tasks to stick with is to live a healthy lifestyle amongst a sea of cheese toastie trucks and burger joints. These days, it’s getting easier. We’re not just talking about digital wristbands that record your every move and meal, we’re talking about free advice. Pinterest has become a community of health crusaders wanting to nourish the public board by board. This allows you to create your own health board that you stick to, knowing that if this one fails, there are millions of others to try. Your board can also become an inspiration to others, gaining you followers and dubbing you an influencer.

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With handy and frequent e-mails, Pinterest is making it easier to find unique and useful ways to get the most out of the image based social site.