The Digital Content Summit 2015


This week we’ve attended the Digital Content Summit 2015, needlees to say it’s been amazing! So here’s our selection of #DCS2015 best tips, advices and quotes.

The first one is from Alona Elkayam, The Brandinista. She talked about her experience as a Managing Creative Director at Marriott, explaining the process behind the creation, the development and the launch of Marriott Traveler.

Screen Shot 2015-04-24 at 11.12.45

Paul Squires, Head of Sales at Feefo said that the 3 website must haves are video content, unique content and user generated content.
Here are his 5 amazing tips on how to create excellent user generated content:

1) Ask your customers for feedback
2) Ask service and product
3) Share socially
4) Use a Google Partner
5) Be transparent – Respond asap

Now, a great quote from Susanna Flood, Director of Media at Amnesty International

Screen Shot 2015-04-24 at 11.12.57

Simon Swan, Head of Digital Marketing at Met Office and his Key Takeaways for Creating a Digital Knowledge Centre



Lunch time! Many thanks to Benugo for providing great food.



Time to get back to the speeches!

Great advice from Pleasance Coddington, Head of Content at Momondo Group.

Screen Shot 2015-04-24 at 11.12.30

During the “How to increase views of your content and build a stronger community” discussion she also said that “The goal is not to build a community, the goal is building a loyal community”. We couldn’t agree more!

David Jenkinson, Managing Director and Editor in Chief of C21 Media gave us 10 tips for success in digital content

1) Create one nimble editorial team that works across everything
2) Create a flexible working environment to meet your needs
3) Use your own content as source for more content protected by windows
4) Use audio to create daily shows
5) Use iPads and video sharing sites to create as-live event coverage
6) Be friendly with the native
7) Do print and iPad in Pro
8) Web products can be built around small teams with smart content agenda that don’t break the bank
9) Be everywhere
10) Engage everywhere

Last but not least, another great advice from John Van Pijkeren, Digital Analytics Consultant at Heineken International BV.

Cant’ wait for The Digital Content Summit 2016!

Screen Shot 2015-04-17 at 13.47.35

Tinder and Instagram, A Social Love Story

Tinder and Instagram have now found love, with each other. Yes, you heard it; the tech giants have joined forces to enable their users to find a well rounded and more in depth definition of love.

One smart option they’ve allowed is to un-privatize your Instagram page solely for the purpose of Tinder. Now your future, current, or possible love can see more than five photographs on your Tinder profile. Although, if they are current, you may want to rethink the whole Tinder idea.

Screen Shot 2015-04-17 at 13.46.49

Tinder has recently seen a rise in competitors such as, Happn. Could this be why they’ve decided to immerse users in a social dating world? Facebook and Tinder have already joined forces by adding all of your interests on Tinder for your match to deliberate whether or not you’re a suitable fit. Tinder also comes with the all time favourite, mutual friends. What better way to certify the good-looking human you’re interested in by proving he’s not an axe murderer?

Screen Shot 2015-04-16 at 20.04.10

We’ve entered into a more advanced, relevant dating age. An age whereby people can cross paths in the street and receive a notification that your crush is close (Happn). An age where instead of buying a person a drink, we’re receiving an alert that we’re a ‘match’.  We’re social beings, and dating has just become a social game.

Screen Shot 2015-04-17 at 13.48.30

Check out the outdated, cheesy advertisement for the merge below:


The Top 3 Ads Of The Week

It’s been an amazing week for advertising, so we’ve decided to share with you our top 3!


3) Birds Eye 

The food brand, best known for its fish fingers and peas, created a giant 20ft ice block with coins and notes frozen inside to raise awareness of food waste and encourage consumers to use their freezers.

Birds Eye


Hashtag: unfortunately #iFreezeiSave has been tweeted 61 times only. (Hey Birds Eye, we’d love to help!)

2) Carlsberg

As part of the ‘If Carlsberg did…’ campaign, Carlsberg have put up a 12 metre wide billboard that dispenses free beer.


Hashtag: #ProbablyTheBest has been tweeted 1500 times in the last week


1) Dove

Dove set up signs above doors in San Francisco, London, Delhi, Shanghai, and Sao Paulo. One sign said ‘beautiful’ and the other said ‘average’.

They filmed a “mini-documentary” video of women’s reactions as they walked up to, and through the door. As a part of its Choose Beautiful campaign, Dove interviewed 6,400 women of all ages around the world about their perception of beauty: 96% said they didn’t see themselves as beautiful, but 80% believed every woman has something beautiful about her. Funny fact: every single man proudly walks through the ‘beautiful’ door in London.


Hashtag: #ChooseBeautiful has been tweeted 44k times in the last week. Well done, Dove!

Now’s your turn! What’s your favourite billboard or marketing campaign of the week?

Screen Shot 2015-04-03 at 11.52.11

The New Friend

Is it just us, or are we getting a bit too sentimental on social media? Aren’t we seeing an influx of appreciations for acquaintances that have suddenly become socially important, just to show what was consumed/bought/watched that day? When we like, share, comment, and tag, who are we really doing it for? Is it self expression, or is it what the public want? More and more celebrities are being created through the magic of social media and we have entered in a new stage of PR.

Screen Shot 2015-03-31 at 14.13.03


An example of a political satirical comedian who grew to fame via social media

We’re not saying it’s a bad thing, we’re saying this is the new version of networking, and we don’t mean social media, we mean showing who we know on social media. Our posts are public, our actions are public, but our friends are hidden behind a hyperlinked box. It’s time to unveil them and celebrate their successes, they could be that one degree of separation between you and Snoop Lion enjoying road trips together.

It is becoming easier to bump into Sonique, Kerry Katona or Beyonce and we are obliged to let the public know or it didn’t socially happen. The mobility of phones and the speed of 4G has created an online portal by which we can be connected 24/7.

We are building our social CV’s, companies are hiring personalities, humans, we have finally realised the human potential.