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Return Of The Facebook Poke

Why do we Facebook Poke? Is it so we can have the attention from our pokee or is it a subtle way of reconnecting to an old friend we didn’t know we lost?

Whatever the reason is, Facebook Poke is making a comeback.

As we’re increasing in social contacts, it’s getting harder and harder to keep up with old friends or acquaintances, especially with new social media websites popping up. Poking somebody you haven’t spoken to in a while could ignite both contacts to interact virtually. See below:

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Facebook poking is not only handy with friends. If you poke somebody who isn’t your friend, and they poke you back, you can briefly see their profile. So what’s stopping this from being the new networking tool without words? We already know employers Google you when you apply for a job, Facebook poking could be the not so subtle way of notifying you that they’re looking into you. Both a blessing, if you get a call, or a curse, if you didn’t make the social cut.

Let’s not forget to mention, the more you poke, the more impressive it is for the Internet, and you may wind up on this kind of website:

Previously, we found the poke to be a useless added gimmick on a somewhat straight to the point social networking site. Now, we see it as a virtual nudge in the right direction, both career-wise and friend-wise.

Is it time to dust off your virtual finger and allow the Facebook Poke to make a comeback?




The Pros and Cons of Social Media ASBO’s

MP’s would like to introduce social media ASBO’s in order to prevent cyber racism and bullying. The ban would see Internet bullies be permanently or temporarily banned from Facebook and Twitter.

“There is an allowance in the law for banning or blocking individuals from certain aspects of Internet communication in relation to sexual offences”.

But those allowances are soon going to cover online racism and cyber bullying, which begs the question, when does Internet control start impeding on freedom of speech? When does 24-year-old Bill from Brighton start being banned for participating in a controversial online debate that ends in an online disagreement? Some are saying the use of ASBO’s would make Internet users paranoid and unable to say what they really mean, especially on expressive platforms such as blogs

Contrary to this view, we have mass amount of ‘trolls’ using the Internet to bully, be hurtful and abuse people. Sometimes the hate trickles in slowly, just one or two messages a day. But other times, when I’ve written something particularly controversial (i.e. feminist) … the harassment comes in a deluge. It floods my Twitter feed, my Facebook page, my email, so fast that I can’t even keep up”– Lindy West, a victim of cyber abuse.

Preventing these ‘trolls’ from using the Internet, or limiting their access, can and will teach them a lesson, the police are putting their foot down and have made it clear that racism, is not an option nor is it an innocent joke.

A confrontation that leads to emotional or physical abuse is still a crime, and we need to understand that times have evolved and the Internet has developed, we shouldn’t be afraid to check our Facebook or Twitter just like we shouldn’t be afraid when we walk home at night. A human being shouldn’t have to deal with threats in the form of a #hashtag and people shouldn’t pose those threats behind a screen, nor in person.

What do you think about Internet ASBO’s, do you believe they’ll work?

Do you know what day is it today?

Dear beloved readers, followers and aficionados of The Social Shop blog, first of all, we have something really important to say: we love you! And besides that, we are sure you’ll spend an amazing evening tomorrow (otherwise, we’ve been writing a lot of articles for this blog lately, you can always have a look at them. or send a Valentine’s card to us. or, why not, hire us!)


Do you know what day is it today?

Friday The 13th



Today is the day in which 50 Shades of Grey finally comes to the cinemas all over the world.

Crowd Cheering

Yes, and exactly like yours, our timelines (we are talking about every single timeline of every single social network in the whole universe, obvs) are overfilled with 50 shades of… pretty everything: posts, flames, videos, images, dreams.

So let’s talk about numbers. Have you tried to Google it? There are 243 millions of results waiting for you, 14.5 millions of videos on Youtube, 8.5 millions of fans for their Facebook page, 444k followers on Twitter,  Pinterest is crawling with hundreds of boards, quotes and memes. It’s no wonder everyone is talking about this “worldwide phenomenon”.

Furthermore, have you noticed that almost everyone is trying to sell something naming their products after the film? From make-up (guess what’s the perfect name for a grey eye shadow?) to themed weekend breaks. Apparently, everyone has something to say about this “version of Twilight with sex” and, well, we couldn’t miss this amazing opportunity to present you the best 5 (yes, five. fifty would have been way too much) things you could see on your favourite social networks.



So, ça va sans dire, whether you’re in love with your very own Mr Grey and his unconventional desires or you’re going to spend the whole weekend moaning about how much you loathe all this buzz, enjoy your valentines’ day and don’t forget to…


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Discover The New Snapchat

Snapchat recently launched a new feature that enables users to see content published by other companies. The new ‘Discover’ feature allows the audience to see important ‘snaps’ of information for a limited amount of time. The content varies from articles to videos and what you see, may not be what you want.

If you’re clicking on the Nat Geo bubble and expecting to search ‘swimming with sharks’, you’re not in luck. You’ll probably find a deer eating leaves with an older couple talking about it.  But why are you complaining? You don’t control what your peers post, you don’t know when you click on that small bubble what it is you’re going to see.

The discover option allows users to broaden their horizons in terms of content, if you’re on the tube and are lucky enough to have Wifi, this tool is better than Candy Crush, in terms of nurturing brain cells. It’s an app version of Stumble Upon but you choose what the genres of your interests are. Our favourite has got to be The Food Network bubble, it’s a mix of ‘how to’ videos and recipes that you wouldn’t usually go looking for.

Sometimes it’s nice to take a break from what dress your friend is wearing tonight when it’s going to get “messy”, or what flavor latte they’re drinking on a winter’s day.

That deer you didn’t want to see just added ten IQ points, because let’s face it, you’ve seen all the shark videos the Internet has to offer and now you’re aware of what else is out there. Not to mention, these articles/ videos were handpicked for Snapchat by professional content planners and they know you’re only looking at them for a short period of time before you get bored and explore other content. So keep an eye out, because everyday, you could be discovering something new to talk about on the journey to see your hazelnut cinnamon latte-drinking friends.