The 7 Deadly Social Media Sins

It is a well known fact that we now spend more time on social media than other any Internet activity.

Social Media isn’t going anywhere, even if there was a slight panic earlier this week when Facebook & Instagram suffered a technical hitch causing both to be down for several hours and the hashtag #SocialMeltdown2015 causing a frenzy on Twitter.

Eight out of ten businesses now use social media to drive growth, with some businesses investing no money into marketing & advertising what so ever and focusing solely on the Social Media aspect.

Social Media is a great tool for businesses to use, but it has to be done correctly, posting something for the sake of being active online isn’t enough. So here are our 7 deadly sins, that if you avoid should stop you from getting on everyone’s nerves and getting an ‘unfollow’.

1. Always Selling – Social media is a conversation and no one wants to talk to a salesman IRL (in real life) let alone on the internet. Posting when you only have something to promote is a quick way to get you unfriended. Instead post a mix of photos of the company, quotes, blog posts, links with content and the odd sales pitch thrown in wont look so obvious.

2. Overposting – Posting the same types of status everyday is boring, post relevant content once or twice a day. Don’t bombard people.

3. Oversharing – Avoid sharing content from other sites too much, this can be an annoyance to followers. Especially popular viral stories, followers are likely to have already seen this from their friends. If you are going to share information or links from other sites make sure it is original, interesting and relevant.

4. Not having a strategy – Have an aim, what do you want to achieve? When you are posting a message, you need to know what the message is and plan it in advance. Take a look at who your audience and customers are and what their needs and wants are relating to your business.

5. Over tagging – The fastest way to annoy people. Do not tag people in posts or photos that have nothing to do with them. Club promoters in particular are often very guilty of this. Although you think it may increase the posts visibility, it will often lead to people to the unfriend /unfollow button.

6. Disengagement – as mentioned in number one, social media is a conversation, therefore you need to engage with your followers. Pay attention to what they are doing, like their photos, ask questions, respond when they reach out to you.

7. Reposting too much – the same as oversharing and overposting, sending the same link 10 times a day may increase the number of hits to your website but it can also annoy followers who see it as clutter, clogging up their newsfeed. You want each post to convey a different message.

So there’s our 7 deadly sins, if you would like help or advice on improving your social media why not get in touch?

Hashtag The #Hashtag

It was only added to the dictionary last year, but it is likely you already knew about this buzz word it before then.

The word Hashtag. A word or phrase preceded by the symbol # that classifies or categorises the accompanying text. It is a great concept for when you are searching some something specific via Instagram or Twitter, other times it is just damn right annoying. I’m talking to you over-users. Like this photo for example;


Then, there are just some that are simply the most annoying hashtagged words or sayings you have ever come across.

1) #LikeForLikes – Stop fishing for compliments to make you look popular.

2) #JustSayin – As much as you’re trying to sound casual you have really over thought about what you have just posted

3) #SorryNotSorry – If you are not sorry why say it in the first place?

4) #FoodPorn – Yes it is good food, but it is certainly not porn!

5) #NoFilter – Does not make you a professional photographer or you any prettier

6) #YOLO – No words.

7) #Swag – Again, no comment.

8) #Hipster – Has no one told you that Hipster is soooo over!

9) #Fitspo – We don’t care about what inspires you to get fit, we’re quite happy sitting in bed with Pizza and Netflix thank you very much!

10) #Selfie – Possibly the most over used word. We can tell what it is, no need to hashtag it.

Just to show how many of us are using hashtags, in our posts, take a look at this table from instagram which shows the amount of photos there are with a specific hashtagged word.

Screen shot 2015-01-23 at 16.49.50

What are your most annoying words or sayings used on the internet? Tell us and we will be sure to add them to our expanding list!

Living App to App

Convenience and communication are the pillars of social media. We’ve come so far in making sure everybody is connected at every point of their lives, wherever they may be. A few countries have their mobile phone connection better than their Wi-Fi. Progression is definitely there and it is growing everyday.

But when does progression in technology create a regression in our human lives? Some say it happened the moment the Internet was created, others say now. We’ve gotten to a point where we aren’t living the memory we just Instagrammed. When we look back at our pictures via applications, do we remember the event with a longing smile on our face, or do we plan for the next photo opportunity?

It’s rare nowadays to find a group sitting and talking all at once without their phone screens glued to their face. Lulls of silence and what Kevin Bacon calls ‘buffer face’ has become the norm. However, the alternative will see us retract back 10 years where we strive for what we have now. It’s a never-ending, not so vicious cycle, the ultimate battle between man and technology. Well, technology wins in terms of humanity.

Never before have we been as close to world issues as we are today, seen the images photojournalists risk their lives over just to educate the public. Never before have we had the power to oppose oppression and start revolutions on such a vast scale. Thanks to social media, these are all a reality.

What Professor Daniel Kahneman says within this very powerful video is a gentle reminder that as far as we have come, human interaction is unique and shouldn’t be taken for granted.

<Screen Shot 2015-01-16 at 10.30.26


Je Suis Charlie

How Social Media reacted to Charlie Hebdo attack

Shortly after three gunmen killed twelve people at the French satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo, #CharlieHebdo and #JeSuisCharlie  began to trend worldwide.
In the hours since the midday attack on Wednesday 7th January there have been nearly 3.4m tweets alone using the hashtag #JeSuisCharlie and more than 5m featuring #CharlieHebdo, according to Topsy (a tool for searching and analysing Twitter)

Je Suis Charlie

Crowds gathered across Europe to pay tribute to the victims and millions of people from all around the world are still paying their tributes online across every social media platform.

The French President François Hollande tweeted soon after the attack

Tweet from French President François Hollande

followed a few minutes later from the U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron and the White House.

Tweet by UK Prime Minister David Cameron
People from all over the world offered condolences and expressed support for journalists and freedom of speech, cartoonist expressed their solidarity

Tweet by David Pope

Cartoon Movement

James Walmesley

But #JeSuisCharlie and #CharlieHebdo were not the only hashtags used by thousands, in fact more than 112k started using #JesuisAhmed in order to remind that a French Muslim died while protecting free speech.

Je Suis Ahmed
Once again people have demonstrated how social media can be a powerful tool for spreading news, content and making people feel united like a crowd in a square.