The Queen Tweets

The Queens first tweet that appeared on the British Monarchy's Twitter Page

The Queens first tweet that appeared on the British Monarchy’s Twitter Page

So last week HRH Queen Elizabeth II sent out her first tweet from the British Monarchy twitter account (@BritishMonarchy) not to be confused with the parody account @Queen_uk.

Now, we very much doubt Liz sits there checking mentions and hashtags herself (I mean have you ever tried to explain Twitter to your grandparents or teach them how to use a smart phone?) and it has been confirmed that someone typed the text for her, for which she approved and subsequently hit the send button.

A spokesperson for Buckingham Palace has said it was unlikely the Queen would be tweeting on a regular basis, but it appears the Queen is not one to shy away from new technologies as the monarchy’s twitter account listed other tech milestones the Queen has achieved during her reign, including her first ever televised Christmas broadcast in 1957, and first e-mail sent in 1976.

The Queen is not the first Royal to participate in social media, earlier this year Prince Harry sent a selfie, and the family also announced the second pregnancy of the Duchess of Cambridge via Twitter.

The Royal Family has seen a surge in popularity in recent years, mainly due to the younger Royals such as William, Kate and Harry. Could we expect to see them open personal social media accounts? Their cousin Princess Beatrice has one, which was officially verified earlier this year. (@YorkieBea) However, it was actually Prince Andrew (@TheDukeOfYork) who beat his daughter to being the first Royal on Twitter when he opened his account in 2013.

Only time will tell if the monarchy will allow the public that extra glimpse into their private lives, but let’s not count on it happening any time soon. The Kardashian’s they are not…. Can you imagine #KeepingUpWithTheWindsors.

Meet the newest member to The Social Shop team

This week we welcome a new member to our team; Jemma.

meet jemma, our new social media consultant

Meet Jemma, our new Social Media Consultant

Jemma joins us as a Social Media Consultant and will be working with our clients Shaka Zulu, The Cuban Camden and The Honor Oak on their accounts.

A graduate in Fashion Journalism at UCA Jemma comes from a PR background and has previously worked for brands such as Nike, Original Penguin, Farah and Childsplay Clothing.

“I am ready for a new challenge and really looking forward to getting to know the clients and to continue building on the relationships they have with their customers. As a foodie myself, I am especially excited to test out the cocktails and the new menu’s.” – Jemma told us when asked what she is expecting from her new role.

[Infographic] Social Video Platforms


YouTube, Vimeo, Vine, Instagram or Google Hangouts? What video platform is best for your business type? The infographic below by Plumlytics highlights strengths of the biggest  social video channels.

  • YouTube is the second most visited website in the world and is a great platform to host more detailed videos about business, services, products.
  • Vimeo is known for high quality videos. Good to showcase professionalism productions.
  • Google Hangouts: great to connect with a group of people, record videos, bring conversations, video conferences across computers and mobile devices.
  • Instagram allow users to edit videos through nice filters and it’s incredibly easy to share its content on other social media networks.
  • Vine: turn a tweet into a video. 6-second shots of pure joy!


[Infographic] Instagram Users

GlobalWebIndex recently published this infographic, profiling Instagram users and their behaviours and demographic information.

It’s interesting to see that this platform continues to grow strong, especially among teenagers. According to the infographic and recent studies, such as this survey, by Pipper Jaffray, Instagram is by far teen’s favourite social network.

Marketing wise, Instagram is an excellent space for brands to try and innovate, engage, be inspirational and creative, using the power of the images. @Nike and @Lego are some of the brands you will not regret seeing on your Instagram feed.


Why you need to join YouTube today

Let’s start this post by asking this question: do you see YouTube as a social or as a search platform? Well, we will answer this one: both. It’s an amazing social network, especially to engage with audiences, and it’s an incredible search engine as well, being actually the second largest search tool, due to its partnership with Google.


So, if you want to be found on search engines, it’s better to start considering adding video to your online marketing strategy. Here are the reasons:

  1. Not everybody reads blogs or is on Facebook and Twitter, but most people enjoy watching a video. You’re probably tapping into a possible new audience. The average person watches one YouTube video a week.
  2. YouTube videos are shown on Google results
  3. Video is the best next thing to interact with people, and it’s much better to humanise your business than written content, showing the sense of personality and the culture of a business
  4. It’s free and easy to produce YouTube content: even an iPhone camera can be enough to make good quality videos, and it’s very simple to distribute to other social networks and to embed on websites and blogs
  5. People search YouTube to learn about products and services more than any other social network
  6. Video is easier to communicate and educate your prospects and existing clients around your products
  7. Video is easier to consume than written content and YouTube videos are widely viewed on all kinds of screens (PC, mobile, tablet)
  8. Many of your competitors have no presence on YouTube, but they do on Facebook and Twitter
  9. It’s possible to customise a YouTube channel to reflect a brand’s messaging with colours and backgrounds, increasing brand awareness.
  10. It’s measurable. YouTube offers free easy to use analytic tools. You can track the number of views a video has received, the demographics of the viewers and how viewers found your video.