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5 thoughts about “For the love of craft”, on 24th April

The creative industry look into the love of craft at Cargo, in Shoreditch area, London, where the event was held. And these are our thoughts:

1. The talented boys from @wearesuburb – Phil and Anthony – showed us the importance of the tiniest details, thinking outside the box as well as the importance of not giving up on challenges. The algorithm for amazon’s mega dropdown was one of their highlights.

Glug London 2014

2. Tom Evans and his work on @bleepbleeps , family of connected products based on the Internet of things*, show how simple ideas can make such a huge difference in our day-to-day lives. His passion for product design and innovation was clearly noticed once he introduced “Sammy The Screamer” to the audience, a weird but useful device with movement sensor that allows you to control objects and is connected to a smartphone. You can get a better understanding about it and pre-order here: “So you’ve got an idea? Tell everyone about it. Think it, make it, sell it. Even though most of people don’t think that is a good one”. His talk was absolutely inspiring and instigating.

3. Catherine and Steve Perrot exhibited a great short documentary about traditional printing and a look at the die trade stamping, which makes us realise that is all about the hidden craft.

4. Rob Lawrence came with a beautiful and intuitive interpretation of what is like to finish an uncompleted idea, as a tribute to Marcel Duchamp, “The Human Tide”.

5. Joseph Macleod talked about the necessity of closure experiences for the digital industry, mainly design, to achieve satisfactory a conclusion to a product or a service. You can know more about it here.

Glug London 2014

Gluggers engaging in the outside area before the talks start.

*The Internet of Things (IoT) is a computing concept that describes a future where everyday physical objects will be connected to the Internet and be able to identify themselves to other devices.

The importance of Social Bookmarking

Why you need to act on Social Bookmarking today

Incase Social Bookmarking is a new term for you, it’s an online method for companies, bloggers and various other internet users to search, organise, manage and store various bookmarks of internet web pages. A Social bookmark is saved on public websites by submitting and sharing content along with tagging them with relevant keywords. Once you submit and share your website or blog on these sites, it can lead to a significant improvement in traffic to your website.

Social Bookmarking Sites

The number of social bookmarking sites have increased, which has lead to many people looking into it but not quite understanding how the service can create a powerful marketing strategy for their business or blog. Below are several advantages from spreading your content across these public websites.

– It’s powerful promotional tool for your business and will improve your traffic.

– Social Bookmarks are considered to be among the non-negligble sources of traffic

– Specific pages or entire sites can be bookmarked by users globally, thus meaning your content reaches a bigger audience

– It creates quality backlinks without the headache of working out all the new algorithms Google have introduced recently.

– Users can view these bookmarks in a chronological order by tags or categories via the search engine

– Competition across all industries and sectors has risen and using the Social bookmarks offers more than just sharing and rating.

– Users of the sites have the ability to export, import, add notes, email links, reviews and most importantly for us create social networks and groups.

– By promoting your business on a social bookmarking site, the inbound links are valued by search engines and can enhance the popularity of your website or blog.


If you are using WordPress we recommend Social bookmarking we recommend Social Marker, offering a wordpress ready plugin. Other sites to consider is the worlds leading social bookmarking site. Delicious and Social Adr.

How important is social media for E-Commerce [Infographic]

Many E-Commerce businesses in recent years have switched to social media channels to increase the volume of sales and reach for their product or service. Experts have been debating the importance of social media and how we can benefit from it and in this very helpful infographic created by Mobstac, a platform creates customized mobile websites and mobile apps for publishers and businesses that work across smartphones and tablets, some answers have been provided.

The most apparent issue with ecommerce is how the market has become increasingly crowded, and a passionate social media output can help improve your online presence and drive traffic to your website.

According to the study by Mobstac in 2013 Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest generated 75% of all social media referred sales and 4 out of 10 social media users have purchased an item in-store or online after sharing it on the across the social media networks.

The study also indicates that in the U.S consumers are expected to spend $327 billion online by 2016, this probably is in relation to 39% of Facebook users will ‘Like’ a brand in order to research a product. 74% of social media users also use their favorite platforms to guide their purchases.

Social Media is an essential tool for large E-Commerce businesses but can offer small start up businesses the resources to get discovered without spending a huge amount of their budget on advertising. Social Media plays an important role to help businesses reach out to their audience through direct interaction, which offers much more engagement than any form of display advertising.

The research from this infographic highlights many interesting points on social media and E-Commerce with advice on what content works best on what channel. We are now in an age where Facebook and Twitter may not be the only networks you have to be active on regularly…

Social Media and Ecommerce [Infographic]

Social Media Digest [3]

Twitter partners will Billboard to create real time Music Chart

Twitter’s partnership with Billboard will see the social network create a chart to track real time conversations about music, similar to what they’ve rolled out with Nielsen to rank TV shows.


The new initiative will allow Twitter to distribute real-time chart news beyond with in-tweet chart updates, videos and weekly round ups of the happenings in the Music world.

Music is far and away the most discussed topic on Twitter and the music head at the social network Bob Moczydlowsky, explained in more detail how it will only benefit musicians and music fans around the world who use the social network.

‘…to create the new industry standard for tracking and surfacing the conversation around music as it happens…. Now, artists who share songs and engage with their audience on Twitter will have a way to get noticed by fans, other musicians and industry decision-makers in real time…’

It’s no coincidence that the news of Twitter teaming up with Billboard come just days after Twitter announced it’s stopping their #Music app later this month. The service launched a year ago but failed to gain any commerciality to rival music apps.

Follow @Billboard and @TwitterMusic now for real-time news.

For more info on Twitter’s new Partnership click here

How the Facebook news feed is affecting your business reach


The increasingly alarming drop in your Facebook page reach has been a topic discussed in the past and now it looks like there’s an answer. All your hard thought out posts from your Facebook Page are only reaching a small number of people who like your page because there’s a limited amount of space on your news feed per day. It’s that simple, there just isn’t room for everything and unfortunately competition for space is intensifying with the number of new company pages launching daily. According to Facebook’s head of New Feed in an interview last year, the total number of Pages Liked by the typical Facebook user grew more than 50% last year.


The lack of space means that Facebook take it into their own hands to filter your news feed in the attempt to show the most relevant posts – this is probably why Facebook are really pushing paid advertising with them. No statement has been made by Facebook to give a clear indication on how it filters the News Feed and without this information we fear companies will follow the likes of Eat24 and shut their Facebook page altogether (Eat24 had 70,000 likes on their Facebook page).

Read the full article here

Ted Talk with Jennifer Golbeck

The last snippet of news for the weekly digest is a TED talk from computer scientist Jennifer Golbeck, discussing why social media ‘likes’ say more than you might think – and why she thinks we should return the control on information to its rightful owners.