The Importance of ‘Out Of Office’ Emails

Out Of Office Emails

Before smart phones ‘Out Of Office’ was a necessity to manage your incoming emails, help improve your time management and filter through your inbox. But thanks to technology we now have access to our emails 24/7, allowing us to keep on top of incoming emails on a daily basis, whilst sitting at the office or sunning ourselves on a beach in Barbados.

So why do we need it? Here at The Social Shop we still think it’s an essential tool to use and hear are some reasons why…


Me Time

Will your business crash and burn if you pull yourself away from your emails for a few days to relax? Even if you’re at the helm an Out of Office automated email can specifically say when you’ll be back and when you endeavor to respond to all the emails. You can edit the generic out of office template you get and give precise information to all those trying to contact you.
You can put a link to FAQs on your website or provide an alternative contact you know will be more than up for the job to respond to them

Inbox clean up

Before you go for your much needed break, why not clean up your inbox by unsubscribing to spam type emails or car insurance companies you haven’t used in 10 years. This will allow you to filter through your emails quickly and efficiently without being side trapped by a special offer.


If you’re at the helm and you think your business will collapse if you aren’t responding to your emails, try outsourcing your inbox. This is probably the simplest tool to see how you staff operate without you.

How to answer out of office emails

If all the above fails and you still glance over your emails on your holidays or day off, put a plan in action by categorising them, this way you can come back to a clean inbox without wasting too much time going through junk and jokes of the day.


If you are working long hours there’s a good chance your replies aren’t a true reflection on your conscious decision-making. Therefore your clients would probably appreciate you going on a break and coming back refreshed and ready to go.

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Exciting Times at Twitter

Twitter has faced some perplexing issues this week, one being that the refresh button has been unable to live up to it’s name ‘refresh’, and the Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has pledged to ban the social network in order to allegedly preserve citizens privacy.

Incase the refresh button drama passed you by; we’d like to clear it up for you now. The problem occurring was that tweets were taking far longer than usual to surface on people’s timelines, however this only seemed to affect people following lots of people or have lots of tweets stored up.

Twitter have confirmed the problem is a bug eating up the bowels of the social network and they’re currently resolving the issue.

A row has broke out in Turkey between the Prime Minister and current president of Turkey, Abdullah Gül. They both hold entirely different views on Twitter breaching users privacy. Gül inevitably expressed his concerns on Twitter.

“A complete shutdown of social media platforms cannot be approved,” Gül tweeted on Friday. “Also, as I mentioned many times before […] it is not technically possible to shut down Twitter anyway.”

Twitter was temporarily banned in Turkey on Thursday at around 4:30 p.m. ET, based on a recently passed law allowing Turkey’s telecommunications regulator (TIB) to shut down or block websites due to “privacy violations, but obviously users found their way around this.

This block of Twitter in Turkey does beg the question whether there will be temporary blocks put in place across the social media channels in the future if privacy violations are being breached?

Using Selfies in Social Media

Selfies, everyone hates them but no one can resist them and this week they’ve created a new way of marketing. Like many, my Facebook feed was littered with women of all ages posting up #nomakeupselfies in aid of Cancer Research UK. Regardless of some bad press about the campaign it’s raised awareness up and down the UK and beyond and gave the nominees (you’re nominated by friends to post a selfie) the opportunity to be part of something and most importantly raise awareness for a very serious issue. With the total soaring past 2 million, surely we all should be praising this new way of marketing?

Social Media Digest selfie-cancer-main-3263690

Take a selfie, share it on Facebook and nominate a friend! Text BEAT to 70007 to donate

With #selfie saturating all social networks it’s no brainer for brands to jump on board and utilize what the trend can lead to for exposure.

LinkedIn Infographic

How the social network drives the majority of leads and conversions [Infographic]

The research for the infographic has been collected by Oktopost, who  has found that over 80% of B2B leads and conversions came from LinkedIn.

okto-infographic linkedin

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Facebook New Streamline Look

If you only access Facebook from your phone then you may not have noticed or even care that they’ve streamlined all the pages on the social network.

social media digest [1]

If you are expecting new functionality with the overhaul of the pages I’m afraid all that you’ll find, other than being streamlined, is that the changes made now reflect your Facebook profiles that changed over a year ago.

Here’s a run down of the new look

1. Single Column Format for Posts
2. Left Column For Business info
3. Admin Tool Layout
4. This Week View
5. Tabs Hidden

In conclusion the cosmetic changes made to Facebook will probably not affect your life too much, and you may only see a change with the streamlined look depending on how interesting your content is.

For the full article click here.

Social Analytics Platform Synthesio Secures $20m


The global social ‘listening and analysis’ platform Synthesio have secured a series B funding from a European private equity firm, Idinvest Partners.

The social media platform helps you monitor and analyse conversations about a brand on social media platforms and all mainstream sites across 200 countries in 50 languages.

Synthesio isn’t the first social media platform to offer this service but they do pride themselves on friendly dashboards and advanced data capabilities and it’s global presence and focus on international markets.

Synthesio has already been recognised in the Deloitte Technology top 500 fastest companies in EMEA.

For the full story click here 

Get a job on Social Media

Finding a new career on your favourite social media account offers real opportunities for the user to land the perfect job.

social media digest week [1]

Here’s a breakdown of what each social network has to offer

1. Twitter

Searches – be specific about the job you want to use ‘Jobs,’ ‘Hiring,’ and be specific with a location.
Hashtags – The same with searches use #jobs and #hiring regularly but will dependent career choice.
Follow necessary accounts from like-minded business people and twitter accounts dedicated to posting job applications.

2. Facebook

Like Pages – Follow a similar pattern to twitter by liking accounts, as they will regularly post job applications
Private/Public – Check your privacy settings and make sure you’re completely aware of how others view your profile.
Stay Updated – Most people only consider LinkedIn to keep updated with your career but Facebook shows your current and past experience and you can now add Professional Skills.

3. Tumblr

Search Tags – like Facebook and Twitter you need to search the obvious job related HASHTAGS.
Sign Up – If you’re looking for a creative role or just seeking a job in the creative industry you need to be active on Tumblr similar to Facebook and Twitter.

4. Pinterest

Pin Your CV – Pinterest is fast becoming the most aesthetically pleasing social media so why not turn your CV into a pin board highlighting specific experience.
Follow Pages – To help you get started check this list posted on Mashable

5. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the first port of call for anyone seeking a new career but it maybe time for an overhaul of your profile and activity.

Connect – In the simplest terms everyone is looking for networking opportunities
Job Boards – Keep one eye on jobs boards as they highlight available opportunities in all fields.
Endorsements and Recommendations – What you want from others you should offer in return as this can really help boost your profile.
Profile – A more detailed profile highlighting your work experience is essential to potential employers.
Share More – An easy way of populating content is to share articles and content from career experts.

The Social Shop Social Media Digest will posted every Friday and will feature news from the digital world.

Select The Right Photo On Instagram [Infographic]

Use Instagram effectively

Are you forever trying to select the perfect photos for Instagram? Are you left confused why one of your photos get 1000 likes and others are left with tumbleweed drifting past.  Olapic have created an Infographic to give you all the answers. The visual commerce platform Olapic analysed 130,000 photos from 61 different companies to determine what images get users tails wagging from engagement to likes and comments. The facts indicated that many visual triggers and context clues that can increase engagement but can affect sales performance and vice-versa.

a key part of the data collected is that brands and retailers should use separate selection criteria when integrating Instagram photos into websites – optimized for either sales or engagement.

Instagram Infographic

Facebook Reach Has Plummeted


According to statistics the dubious Facebook Reach has plummeted since October last year by nearly 50%, based on a study of 106 Facebook pages from around the world.

The organic reach has come under scrutiny of late but the latest decline is set to hit large Facebook pages with more than 500,000 Likes the hardest. The study also claims that the organic reach for big and small brands will hit zero in the future according to current trends.

The impact of the new News Feed algorithm, which was set to help overall user experience, has undoubtedly had an impact on Pages being able to get their message across on the social network.

Facebook organic reach

Many people have questioned whether the paid and organic reach is a true reflection of people seeing a post from a page. The concern that you should have as company or brand is the conversion and interaction you’re getting across Facebook and any social network for that matter.

It maybe worth keeping an eye on your Google Analytics to see how much referral traffic (social) to your website has changed since the new algorithm for the Facebook News Feed was put in place.

Obviously the Reach will face some interrogation from marketers, brands and companies a like in the coming weeks if statistics are dropping across the board. We think Facebook is trying to tell us the free lunch is over and boosting your posts and page for as little as £3 a day is the only way to take advantage of the social media channel.

We’ve been getting some positive results from a recent functionality added to boosting a post, which is targeting a specific area. We recommend checking that out if you haven’t already.