10 Ways to Maximize Your Facebook Engagement [INFOGRAPHIC]

Posted on Social Media Today was a very helpful Infographic on a long lost friend of many businesses Facebook. With social networks launching almost daily, Facebook has come under pressure with developing new functionality to help business increase their reach.  The difference with Facebook to real world is that someone following you on the street is a daunting prospect, but when it comes to social media, particularly on Facebook, you get very excited and see if it can lead new followers and the magical word ‘Engage’.

We Are Social Media have created an infographic that breaks down some tips for writing Likey Facebook posts.


Cloze Launches Circulate.it

Cloze is a free social media management app providing a service to help people track posts that matter on Facebook, LinkedIn , Twitter and email. The startup has launched a new tool today to help users manage their messages on email and ensure content circulates through the social media channels. They’ve called the new tool the appropriately named Circulate.it. and they hope to make the tedious cross pollinating on your social networks as simple possible.


Co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer Alex Coté said that if you’re “an executive sales guy or a member of a sales or marketing team, you probably feel like you should be sharing interesting content, or content that reflects well on your company, but the actual process of doing this is painful particularly when you’re trying to get the rest of your team to share”.

There are the normal browser extensions for sharing content in Chrome, Safari and Firefox, as well as a bookmarklet for mobile, which all seems pretty normal for third party sharing app. The notable improvement with the Cloze app and Circulate.it tool is to share content that can be sent out individually or aggregated in a daily newsletter to reach an entire team. The newsletter will come with a big share button and you’ll have the opportunity to post via Email, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, which are the current channels built into the app. More impressive functionality to Circulate.it is how it can handle scheduled posts so you don’t have to worry about spacing things out (with options to adjust the timing for things like embargoes) and analytics to see whose sharing is the most effective.

Circulate offers a free plan for individuals and team payment plans start at $49 (£31) per month for 26 users. for more info click here

What I Learned On The Way To 3 Million Google+ Circles

Journalist Marc Elgan crossed 3-million Google+ circles earlier this week, which has seen him surpass most celebrities and proves that geeks can hold their own on Google+ against entertainers in popularity.


Marc Elgan has given a detailed insight into how he reached that incredible amount in what he described as an eye opening adventure for him. How he achieved the success on Google+ proves that if you prioritise with your social media content by focusing on one particular social media channel rather than letting it be another service to overwhelm you can achieve such results. Whereas celebrities will generate a burgeoning following from organic social activity, Elgan reached the incredible feat by social activity on Google+. He replaced his blog, Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Foursquare and even texting, chat and email with the service with constant but engaging content to form an intimate relationship with Google+.

I loved Google+, and Google+ loved me back.

His circle count in the early days grew at the rate of about 400 additional circles per day, but when the Google+ suggested user list came along, Google put me him it, and since then his follower reached 2,000 a day.

So a Google+ takeover is imminent and you can learn how to increase your social activity by reading the full article from Marc here

BBC Introduces Instafax

It was revealed earlier in the week that BBC will be experimenting with distributing short form news stories via Instagram …

The official debut of Instafax was on January 16th and two notable benefits of this service is that complex news stories will be replaced with brief and easily understood summaries with the option to click through and read full article on the BBC website.  The second advantage is the news will reach a broader audience as the largest percentage of users on Instagram are in the 18-29 demographic, according to most sources.

The image below shows you how Instafax will look…


Obviously the BBC are not the first organisation to use the powers of social media, NowThisNews utilises Instagram to deliver content and now we think more organisations should follow suit with shorter and multimedia rich content to continue reacting to people on the move who view news on their mobile phones and tablets.

Check out the latest ‘Instafax’ on the political situation in Thailand below, and head over to the BBC’s Instagram feed to view more news stories.

What are your thoughts on ‘Instafax’? We’re excited to see how it pans out.


Why You Need To Channel Specific Social Media Content

There are some great social media dashboards out there to help you schedule content across your social media pages without much effort or time wasted. The social media dashboards include Sprout Social, Buffer and Hootsuite and for all their good points, there are several bad points beginning to creep through. And one of them is posting the exact same content across the social media channels – come on we have all been guilty of this in past, right?


With Social Media channels developing specific personalities, thanks to it’s users not marketeers, in order to have success with fans, you need to get to know your audience, the channels they frequent, and what they’d like to see.

If creating specific and unique content seems daunting to you, here are some helpful tips from Chris Syme at Social Media Today.

1. Brush up on the different personalities and fan expectations of different channels.

2. Do some simple audience research.

3. Set up a simple listening dashboard by hearing what your fans have to say.

4. Learn to re-purpose. Tell your story differently depending on the channels.

Be Specific

1. Mobile website: news stories building up to event, history of the rivalry, and news stories after (stats, interviews, etc).

2. Facebook: Event announcement, video interviews with fans, fan-generated content or contests, pictures of fan experience pre-game, fan polls.

3. Twitter: Real-time news commentary leading up, links to news stories on websites and retweets.

4. Instagram/Snapchat: galleries and stories of behind-the-scenes pics and video leading up to an event.

The Magic Vines

When Vine surfaced, it was hard to imagine how much you will capture in a 6 second video. Filmmaker Zach King is one of Vine’s rising stars and now an in direct ambassador for the social network. He has been performing his magic in a non-traditional sense, by creating expertly-edited six-second videos that make David Blaine’s pin through the hand stunt look amateur.

This Vine compilation from YouTube user FarlyTeem strings together some of King’s most mind-bending absorbing videos, with highlights including pulling a kitten from a desktop photo, jumping through walls and cars and pouring water through a laptop.

See for yourself…

The Social Media War [Infographic]

Undoubtably our favourite Infographic from the week courtesy of Masters in Marketing about a war brewing across the social networks. It gives a perfect overview of the current state of affairs in the social media space and with the statistics from 2012, it’s worth watching out this year to see how much things have evolved in 2013

Highlights include.

Over 60% increase in adult internet users using Facebook
40-80% increase in overall social media participation for users over 30
20% of all internet users over 18 are active on LinkedIn
Between Q2 and Q3 of 2013, there was a 15% increase in usage of LinkedIn.


Path reaches Series C

After a year of speculation about the disappointing growth, shrinking workforce and potential acquisitions at David Morin’s private social network Path, it appears today the long journey to the third round of financing Series C have finally come to an end.


After several positive moves recently including new revenue streams with the launch of premium subscription plans and additional functionality like private sharing, Path have clearly managed to reassure investors of its potential long-term projections.

David Morin confirmed that Path is now at 23 million customers, but the challenge the challenge for 2014 is constantly changing social market and huge success of mobile social networks like Snapchat targeting the younger demographic.

Path has managed to raise approx. $50 million and has a market value of $500.  For the full article click HERE

What to expect in 2014


Content Source – Social Media Today 

New Twitter ‘Recommended Feature’

It was revealed this week Twitter are lining up a new Favourite option feature for this year. Currently the Favourite option on Twitter works like a Facebook Like where you can Favourite /Like a status update without the need to retweet, essentially bookmarking interesting content.


The latest feature has seen them test the option to Favourite other users accounts. One benefit would be that the service would work like an endorsement tool, by highlighting the top accounts you recommend other people to follow – sounds familiar? The Favourite option sounds like a permanent replacement for the commonly used #followfriday #ff hashtags.

At this moment in time they are only testing the service, but if you want to see how the functionality will work, check out the recommendation model used by Sina Weibo, the service often known as ‘China’s Twitter’. Although recommended accounts could bring a new dynamic to discoverability, how will this affect the number of retweets a popular tweet might gain, and will it make it harder to acquire new users virally?

Content Source – The Next Web