Social Media New Years Resolutions

There are many Social Media tips floating about online to help you improve your Social Media presence in the New Year, our favourite article thus far comes from The Social Times who posted 6 very simple ways to help you improve your Social Media presence in 2014.


1. The Social Media landscape is constantly changing so don’t stop at Facebook and Twitter, research new social media platforms and ones that will benefit the industry you are in. Tip – Look out for Apps that are providing a strong platform if you are aiming at the younger demographic.

2. Become more visual. There is no disguising that your readers probably react to photos, videos, and infographics more than your regular content and this is only going to continue to rise in popularity, so why not get on board.

3.Engage and Interact. After all, social media is all about engaging with – and listening to – your audience, which includes experts and brands.

4.Create great and UNIQUE content. Whether through blogs, tweets, posts, contests, and newsletters, great content will always be in style.

5.Create as social community both on and offline.

6.Prioritize with your social media content. Continuing on from point 1, ensure that you are engaging constantly with your community on the social media platform where you see a ROI

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That’s all from us for 2013, we hope you have Happy and Successful 2014!

Happy Holidays from The Social Shop

Have a great Christmas and New Year folks!

But remember your Social Media activity needs to remain consistent…


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Facebook Home

Facebook’s Home has been given a ton of bad press of late with few users willing to accept changing the face of their phone. Yesterday Facebook launched a redesign in the hope of making the change to Home an easy transition for all users, the features include the traditional lockscreen by overlaying phone and Facebook notifications, a clock, and weather info on top of Cover Feed and giving users more customization options.

The new version of Home is available to everyone in the Google Play store

The Social Media Journey (2008 – 2013)

It seems impossible to keep up with the ever developing and constantly changing Social Media world and this Infographic posted on Business2commmunity highlights its journey from 2008 to present day and the roots stretch far deeper than you might imagine…..


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Facebook Puts Its Web Feed In Motion With Auto-Playing Videos

If your Facebook News Feed wasn’t lively enough its about to get a whole lot busier. Facebook have recently rolled out their auto-play feature for videos to all mobile users. Until now, the News Feed has been still, meaning everything stays put as you scroll past. With this latest breakthrough once the rollout is complete, Facebook will have the opportunity to cash in by introducing more flashy video ads. The auto-play could also give Facebook-owned Instagram’s video feature a boost with people more likely to share videos if they get seen, and the suggested technology of auto-play basically guarantees that.


The benefit of auto-play will mean the viewing of individual videos will be improved, users will have the opportunity to discover and watch multiple videos and Facebook are likely to revamp it’s mobile video capture and sharing tools. For businesses this allow them to be more forceful with advertising, but how will this fair with the end user if their News Feeds are populated by auto-play adverts? Watch this space.

So whats next GIFs? Ads? The Facebook Channel?

Instagram to launch a new messaging service

It’s been confirmed that Instagram is preparing to launch a new messaging service on its platform next year… sounds great or does it? The Instagram ephemeral messaging system would be the social media giants ace card to compete with an area dominated by Snapchat.


The messaging feature that will be part of the profile section of the app, similar to Twitter’s previous app handled DMs, thus meaning it will be without a separate section on the tab bar. It’s also a possibility that it will integrate Facebook functionality thanks to Instagram’s appointment of Peter Deng, the Facebook chat groups and messenger director.

“his experience building out Facebook News Feed and Messenger make him the perfect fit for our company.”

Instagram founder Kevin Systrom

Instagram’s use of the word ‘moments’ in its invitation sent out to press suggests that sharing a moment has been a guiding statement for the company for a while now, but was emphasised yet again at its recent launch of video feature. The service has some what been over shadowed by speculation circulating about the messaging functionality that will disappear over time, hence sharing a ‘Moment’ with someone and then it’s gone. The question is will having messages last for a brief period and then disappear into the distance be a better way to go, is it more representative of real life, than having that all on permanent record for eternity?

In an interview with TechCrunch Deng said this “Mark [Zuckerberg] wanted to make the world more open and connected. We want to capture and share the world’s moments. It’s a beautiful mission.”

As of yet there has been no real surprises with how the interface for the messaging service will work, it’ll be text-based, offering a user friendly service like any other chat app with images or video functionality.

Photo Tagging Algorithm on Facebook

Since 2010, Facebook has used facial recognition software to automatically tag your friends in photos. Now one researcher has come up with an algorithm that tags photos based on the relationships that people in images already have with each other.

Check out this video posted on a couple day ago

Create a Social Media Strategy for 2014 Success

Did you put together a Social Media Strategy in 2013?  Are you aware how Social Media can help drive traffic and revenue to your business now? Now I’ve got your attention, it’s time to start putting together a solid strategy for 2014.

Social Media keyboard

The problem for many business owners, marketers and entrepreneurs has been integrating a Social Media Strategy into their business plan and objectives for the year ahead, Rebekah Radice at Biz Blogging Buzz  has put together a few steps to help you create a  standalone social media business plan without conflicting with your business as a whole.


The highlights from her list

1. Prepare a list of content you have already created. How can you rework or re-purpose that content for social media? You will build that into a content calendar.

2. Determine how your online activities will support your offline marketing strategy. Social media is just another pillar within your overall marketing strategy. Understand how you will combine the two to maximize exposure and reach.

3. Know how you will handle leads generated via social media. If you haven’t already defined your marketing funnel and the process used to track, manage and communicate with your leads, now is the time.

4. Get involved! Make sure your plan contains time that you will interact and engage with fans and followers on a daily basis.

Check out the full list  here:

RIP Nelson Mandela

A long walk to freedom but he’s finally there. RIP Nelson Mandela – gone but not forgotten