The growth of Social Media


Google Glass now available…. by invitation

Google will be relying on social networking to put its internet-connected glasses on the heads of more people, by allowing existing users of the ‘Explorer’ program to each invite 3 friends.


There has been roughly roughly 10,000 Glass owners who began testing the device earlier in the year, who are now allowed to invite up to three friends/people to buy the device. The early Glass users are primarily computer programmers and winners of an online contest conducted earlier this year.

All successful recipients of the invitations will have still have to pay $1,500 apiece for smartphone spectacles that works like smartphone. The slim line and sleek device includes a speaker, a hand-free camera and a thumbnail-sized display screen attached to the frame above the right eye.

But now it looks like they are not the only one … Samsung has filed a design patent for wearable computer glasses that are tethered to a smartphone and unlike Google Glass, which is wireless, the spectacles plug into a mobile phone and display text messages and phone calls. The Wall Street Journal reports that Samsung’s design will be attached using a micro-USB connection. WATCH THIS SPACE

Do Customers Find Your Content Useful?

INFACT 90% of customers find your content marketing useful…

Get Your Employees to Embrace Social Media

Small businesses to Fortune 500 companies haven’t entirely embraced the ever changing social media world and it’s probably for a number of reasons. One of them being that companies are yet to recognise the potential revenue streams for the business and the opportunities offered for all industries. An article posted on the social media examiner website will help you develop an effective social media presence with 6 key characteristics.


1. Define the End Goal – identify why social media will be used within a business.

2. Create A Social Media Task Force – define a workforce, be prepared this is a full time job for 1 to 10 people and more depending on the size of the workforce.

3. Develop a Holistic Social Media strategy once you have defined the roles for each member of a social media team.

4. Consistency is key – Use social media insights to ensure you are getting the most out of your content.

5. Use social media tools like hootsuite and contently to put together editorial calendars and scheduled posts.


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Personal Branding on Social Media


Repost.US – re-posting etiquette

Repost.US is a fee service that launched in April this year to help provide publishers with a platform to share and embed full articles in a similar way that YouTube allows users to share and embed clips without having to log in to the service. Websites now have the ability to add a repost button to their articles, which others can use to re-publish content, along with videos and the original source of the article. Repost also provides a directory of content that publishers can search through and publish on their own website.

The primary goal for Repost is to make it easy for big and small publishers to profit from sharing complete articles as it is for content producers to share and profit from videos using the embed code from websites.

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Social technology = a more connected workplace = better productivity



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How Can You Use Social Media for Proactive CSR Activity?

Social Media can be a great asset to large corporations and it’s now more than ever that they need to react to the ever changing digital-sphere and social media world. By creating a proactive CSR (corporate social responsibilities) can help build brand awareness for a corporation and can highlight their activities internally and externally. Companies can improve their reputation by engaging with the local community to promote social betterment for the community as a whole.


Many large corporations can enhance communication and business practices using social media by utilising the potential reach and effectiveness you have across the social media channels. People all over the world can now follow, share, react and learn from a companies CSR activities instantly using social media.

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